Few things are as relaxing as a guided trail ride through the Florida wilderness.  Imagine spending a quiet afternoon riding on a shaded trail through a Florida park.  You might encounter deer, fox, coyote, or even a wild pig!  Don't worry - Our trail horses have seen it all and will carry you safely back to the ranch.  As safety is our number one priority, all trails are guided by R&R staff. This helps to ensures that you won't get lost and you will not go faster than you planned. Safety helmets are available for everyone and are required for guests under the age of 18.  Western synthetic saddles are commonly used.
Pricing: (All prices are subject to change)

60 min to 90 min trail ride
Single Rider $45.00
Two or more Riders $35.00 each

Pony trail: $20 per rider (adults can ride too!). An R&R Ranch
guide will walk and lead the ponies on a 20 minute trail ride.

Riders too young for our long trail ride may be led on the pony trail.  An R&R Ranch guide will walk and lead the ponies on a 20 minute trail ride though the nature preserve .  

R&R Ranch reserves the right to refuse service to riders physically incompatible with our horses.  We never allow two people on one horse as we do not feel it is safe. Maximum weight 275 lbs

Trail rides go out Tuesday - Sunday
by appointment only.  Call or email today to schedule your trail ride!
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Guided Trail rides
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Riders are escorted across the street to the park for a trail ride